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Offering a variety of services for:

Sellers - helping to streamline your business, determining the current value of your business, preparing you for the process of selling from start to closing

Buyers - determining what type of business may be a good match for you, start-up consulting, including putting together thorough business plans, business valuations on For Sale By Owner businesses

Why use a Business Broker?

Business Broker/Intermediary

Specializing in the confidential sale of your business to a qualified buyer, we manage the entire process so that the business owner doesn’t have to.  We provide all of the proper paperwork and put procedures in place to ensure a smooth transaction.  There are many tripwires that can arise if the business sales process is not managed properly by a trained intermediary with the expertise to ensure that the proper steps and procedures are completed to avoid any issues.  At CNBN, we have the expertise.

Business Valuation

One of the initial steps in selling a business is to determine its value in order to establish the asking price.  There are many different approaches to placing a value on a business – from simple rules of thumb, to very complex calculations.  It can be daunting for the business owner that embarks on the task of doing it themselves.  Placing a well documented and appropriate valuation on a business is essential to getting the best price for the business and turning interested prospects into buyers.  Contact us to arrange for a no obligation business valuation. 

Distressed Business Evaluation

We can provide options for business owners whose operation is under-performing or hasn’t been active for some time.  Contact us to arrange a no obligation meeting to evaluate your business and discuss alternatives that may be available for a distressed businesses.

Consulting Services

Is your business on the success path?

Running a business is an ongoing quest for improvement and growth.  At CNBN, we have years of business expertise to evaluate your business processes and provide guidance to help you meet your goals.  Our services will help you identify opportunities for improvement, provide solutions, and optimize your business performance.

Business Planning

Starting and running a business without a business plan is like navigating a ship without a nautical map.  We can help you chart your future and assemble a complete business plan.


Broker Services
Business Consulting
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